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Founded in 1998, we have build a reputation for great customer service and unique idea execution. Our model is unique in terms of a distributed managed and owned asset pool in which anyone can contribute to value creation and stakeholder ownership.

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We are a proud member of the Contrib Network. The venture was formed through a partnership with Global Ventures and ZCapital. We look forward to meeting other great people and companies in the space.

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Client Testimonials

Contrib is a great way for people with skills and talents to connect together to build online startups like what we are building right now in Cookboard.com

Maai Floirendo

To be able to co-found a student -centric internship programme is a great experience. Thank you Contrib for making me a part of it.

Jack Paton

To be a saxophonist and an online co-founder of Music Channel is a great honor and venture for me! Thanks Contrib!

Rennie R.

We envision people around the world with complementary skills, passion, time and resources.